About CHS


To The Students and Parents of Cheshire High School:

The Administration, Faculty and Staff of the Cheshire High School learning community are dedicated to providing a safe, supportive, and engaging experience for each of our students. As a result of our commitment to best teaching practices and high standards, we create the conditions for our students to achieve academic, personal, and social success.

Participation in sports and/or extracurricular activities are ways in which students can enhance their high school experience and improve academic achievement. We encourage all of our students to get actively involved in the life of our school community by joining one or more of our many clubs, organizations or teams. Should none of the established student activities relate to their personal needs or interests, we encourage students to speak to an administrator about creating new opportunities for student involvement.

Cheshire High School is a caring and giving community and enjoys an outstanding reputation for excellence in academics, the arts, and athletics. Our faculty and staff are both accomplished and dedicated; our students are enthusiastic, loyal and cooperative; and our parents and community are engaged in our school and supportive of our efforts.

We encourage students to take full advantage of the many exciting opportunities available to them at Cheshire High School and we wish everyone a very successful school year.

Dr. Mary Joscelyn-Gadd, Principal
Mrs. Kristin Pelz, Dr. Maureen Reed, Mr. Daniel Tartarelli, Assistant Principals

Administration Numbers

Main Office Phone   203.250.2511

Main Office Fax   203.250.2563

Attendance   203.250.2514

Assistant Principal   203.250.2570

Assistant Principal Fax   203.250.2516

School Counseling Numbers

School Counseling   203.250.2556

School Counseling Fax   203.250.2573

Career Office   203.250.2551

Other Numbers

Related Services   203.250.2542

Athletics   203.250.2552

Health Office   203.250.2532

Health Office Fax   203.250.2572

Cheshire High School is located in Cheshire, Connecticut, fifteen miles north of New Haven and twenty-five miles south of Hartford. Cheshire High School is a comprehensive high school serving approximately 1,300 students and their families. As a comprehensive high school, Cheshire High School offers a range of programs to meet the academic and social-emotional needs of the students. Cheshire High School and the Cheshire community are committed to working together to prepare students to become lifelong learners and to develop the skills and attributes necessary to support all of their future goals. The mission of the Cheshire High School learning community is the enhancement of student understanding. For understanding to be achieved, teachers will guide students to shape information into knowledge and knowledge into understanding. This understanding is pursued to enable all students to become complex adult thinkers, workers, community contributors.