Safe School Climate Plan

*Bullying reports are reviewed at each building by the Safe School Climate Committee.  Parents and students on those committees are prohibited from that review by law.


This committee will monitor and review mental health and behavioral (actions and consequences) programs and data.  They will submit a report to the full Board twice a year and make recommendations to committees as necessary.


CPS PPS Director, A parent from each school, The Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent of Schools, Teachers and administrators representative of each level.

District Safe School Climate Committee Members

    • Jeff Solan, Superintendent
    • Marlene Silano, Assistant Superintendent
    • Dan Tartarelli,  Assistant Principal – CHS
    • John Perosino, Assistant Principal – Dodd
    • Scott Jeffrey, Principal – Highland
    • Cindy Attanasio, Teacher – Chapman
    • Janet Parlato, Parent – CHS & Chapman
    • Bob Davis, Parent – CHS & Dodd
    • Amy Miller, Parent – Chapman
    • Taryn DiSorbo, Parent – Doolittle
    • Nick Nicholson, Parent – Highland
    • Jeannine Heavens, Parent – Norton & Dodd

Cheshire Public Schools Safe School Climate Plan

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The Cheshire Public Schools Safe School Climate Plan provides information related to the policy created by our Board of Education to support a positive school environment for every student in Cheshire.  In addition, our plan includes specific action plan steps by each school that were developed to enhance our efforts to foster a safe and nurturing climate in our schools.

Parent and Student Surveys

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