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Athletics Core Values


The Cheshire High School Athletic program is an integral part of a comprehensive education and is an important teaching tool used to prepare young adults for successful roles in the future.

Participation in athletics strengthens physical, mental, and social emotional skills in our students. Student athletes benefit from positive mentors, develop an understanding of teamwork and cooperation, and build important leadership skills. All students are encouraged to participate in high school athletics; however, the selection process is competitive and based on demonstrated athletic abilities.

The history of Cheshire athletics is steeped in tradition. Cheshire athletes display great pride in their teams and in representing their school and community.


We expect our students and coaches to prepare diligently and play to win. Winning is a major goal in competition and is a meaningful measure of success. However, it is not the only measure. The emphasis should be on performance over outcome. Student athletes need to learn that doing their best helps their team to do its best and many times leads to winning. Personal growth and team growth over time is important. Another measure of success is student athlete understanding of the importance of team over the individual. This lesson is a difficult one to learn but one that will benefit them throughout their lifetime. Learning that the success of a team comes from every player on that team doing what he or she needs to do helps all to understand the power of people working together toward a singular goal.
Our athletic program at Cheshire High School places emphasis on intrinsic values over extrinsic rewards. An extension of the classroom, lessons learned on the practice and playing field that promote lifelong learning is a major objective. Keeping intrinsic motivation a priority such as helping each student improve his or her personal skills, learn the value of commitment, sportsmanship, community service, and teamwork often leads to the extrinsic rewards of winning and accolades. A team earning the coveted Sportsmanship award, participating as a team in community service activities, seeing one’s own personal improvement throughout the season and high school career, dealing with setbacks and frustrations, continued commitment to teammates regardless of playing time are all examples of meaningful measures of success.

Every player, team and coach wants to win. Winning is fun. But winning is not the only measure of success