Middle School ELA

The Connecticut Core Standards provide the foundation for the work within the Language Arts curriculum.  These standards include grade-specific goals for reading, speaking, listening, research, vocabulary, grammar and most importantly, logical and creative thinking.  The curriculum also includes opportunities for students to distinguish effective evidence, use technology and digital media strategically and capably, and come to understand other perspectives and cultures.

In a democratic society, the art of communication is measured by the ability to cooperate, exchange ideas, and interact with others.  Communication is basic to all relationships throughout our lives. During the course of a single day, we share information and beliefs, make plans, and respond intellectually and imaginatively.  In the learning environment, students will be provided with a variety of opportunities to reach his or her potential as a communicator.

At Dodd Middle School, students have the opportunity to communicate effectively through experiences in reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing.  In Language Arts classes, students read actively using strategies to interact with text. Students select some of their reading materials based on their independent reading level and personal interest, and they write often to express ideas.  Through these sustained efforts and progressive skill development in the language arts, your son or daughter will gain a greater awareness of self, the ability to communicate with others, an appreciation of his or her literary heritage, and an awareness of the contributions of others through diverse cultural experiences.  These experiences include independent thinking and cooperative group interaction.