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  • GRADE 10 PHYSICALS DUE – Please note that a current (within one year) Health Assessment Record and updated immunizations are required for all students entering grade 10. The blue State of Connecticut Health Assessment Record must be completed and emailed to prior to the first day of school
  •  ATHLETIC PHYSICALS – An annual Health Assessment Record is required for any high school student participating in athletics. Athletic physicals must remain current through the entire sports season and cannot expire at any time during the season. Remember, all students participating in sports need to register online prior to tryouts.

– Vision of the Graduate –

The Cheshire Public Schools prepares students to become lifelong learners who can adapt to a rapidly changing society. We believe in the capacity of every student to succeed academically, socially, and emotionally. Through the continuous development of complex skills and knowledge, students will acquire the qualities and characteristics of successful and engaged learners. Graduates of the Cheshire Public Schools will be ready to positively and successfully influence our global society. These skills, knowledge, and characteristics are attained through the satisfactory completion of the content of each course, and in the context of applying these skills across disciplines and in real-world applications throughout every student’s educational experience. The skills, knowledge, and characteristics in the vision are described in the following ways:

  • The Student as Thinker/Learner (Self): The Cheshire graduate uses a variety of complex reasoning skills to shape information into knowledge and knowledge into understanding. Background knowledge is applied to new learning, synthesizing information in the creation of new ideas. The graduate is an independent, reflective, and responsible learner, capable of self-direction, self-efficacy and self-motivation.
  • The Student as Collaborator (Others): The Cheshire graduate actively participates as a member of a team in order to achieve a common goal. He or she effectively expresses ideas demonstrating respect for self and others while having the social and emotional awareness to recognize individual differences.
  • The Student as Community Contributor (World): The Cheshire graduate is an active participant at the local and global level. The graduate demonstrates concern and respect for self, others, and property in order to make a positive impact on the community and assume responsible and ethical citizenship by taking positive action.


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