Pupil Personnel Services

Special Education Mission and Goals


The mission of Cheshire Public Schools Pupil Personnel Services Department is to provide a continuum of appropriate educational supports and services that maximizes independence in the least restrictive environment, so that all students can access a challenging curriculum in order to achieve academic and personal success. We value a collaborative approach to the planning, implementation, and assessment of these supports and services, and recognize the importance of involving parents in the process by building a partnership between home and school.


The fundamental goals of this program are to provide the supports and services necessary for all students to appropriately access general curriculum as well as extra-curricular activities in order to become:

    • Confident and assertive communicators
    • Effective self advocates who are knowledgeable of their individual strengths and weaknesses
    • Independent decision makers
    • Masters of the latest assistive technology to enhance their independence as lifelong learners
    • Critical thinkers who manage life situations and solve problems
    • Effective contributors in the home, workplace, and community

Pupil Personnel Services provides an array of quality instruction and support services designed to ensure an appropriate educational experience for students with disabilities. For further information contact:


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