School Modernization

The Cheshire Public Schools facilities range in age from 50 to 109 years old. In addition to providing education services, these facilities also serve as social and recreational hubs for our community. The School Modernization Committee (SMC) was established to consider available options to upgrade the school facilities. They considered new construction, renovation of existing facilities, closing and repurposing facilities, and other creative, viable proposals. The SMC ultimately developed recommendations for modernizing our schools that will address the educational needs of CPS students in the 21st century while considering the fiscal impact on the residents of Cheshire.

The Town of Cheshire passed the referendum approving the construction of two new schools in November 2022. To stay updated on the project, click the button below.

School Modernization Information


Town of Cheshire School Modernization Committee Website
“The School Modernization Committee was established as a collaborative effort by the Town Council and the Board of Education to develop a School Modernization Plan for the Cheshire Public Schools facilities.”

Town of Cheshire Website

On January 20, 2022, the Cheshire Board of Education voted in favor of recommending the CPS Next Generation Phase 1 Plan to the Town Council for approval! Check back for updates!