Elementary Social Studies

Elementary Social Studies Curriculum Overview

The C3 Social Studies framework (College, Career, and Civic Life) provides the anchor for the Social Studies curriculum.  The framework is relatively new, and the curriculum in Social Studies is evolving.  Inquiry is a key component of the shifts and priorities in the curriculum. Additionally, developing claims and using evidence, clearly communicating, determining and using helpful sources of information, and taking informed action are tenets of the Social Studies curriculum.

From a developmental perspective, the curriculum is designed for our youngest learners to focus on themselves and their community and build to add a broader and increasingly global understanding as students progress through the grade levels.

The organization of the units primarily follows a thematic approach to the curriculum.  As students advance higher in grade levels, an increasing number of case studies are included in the curriculum.

Elementary Science Content/Unit Overview

Grade K

  • Civics – Process, rules, laws, applying democratic principles, and civic and political institutions
  • Economics – Economic Decision-Making
  • Geography – Spatial views of the world, place, regions, and culture
  • History – Change, continuity, context, perspectives, historical sources and evidence, causation and argumentation

Grade 1

  • American symbols
  • Comparative Cultures – Family needs, resources, traditions, daily life and culture from cultures across the globe
  • Economics – People, resources, and trade
  • Geography – Tools for mapping the world

Grade 2

  • Geography – Finding locations and describing places
  • Comparative Cultures – Culture, lifestyle, environment, resources, human interaction, and society
  • Economics – Work, money, goods, services, saving, and spending

Grade 3

  • Maps and Globes
  • Cheshire
  • Local Government
  • Cultures
  • Business Economics

Grade 4

  • Connecticut
  • Northeast Region
  • Southeast Region
  • Southwest Region
  • Mid-West Region
  • West Region

Grade 5

  • US Constitution
  • Peopling of the Americas
  • European Colonies in the Americas
  • Comparing the English Colonies
  • Revolutionary War

Grade 6

  • World Geography
  • Central America
  • South America
  • Sub-Saharan Africa