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The Dodd Middle School Guidance Department offers students a full developmental guidance program. Proactive in nature, it encompasses a series of formal guidance classes for seventh and eighth graders as well as a variety of group opportunities, which are available to any student wishing to attend. The program’s focus is on helping students prepare for learning while at the same time encouraging them to be active participants. The school Social Worker is also available for individual students and families and offers parent support programming.

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Developmental Guidance


As part of our developmental program, we see students individually to discuss issues of concern regarding academics, social matters, or future plans. Our motto, “If it’s important to you, it’s important to us,” is the foundation upon which we operate. Please contact a counselor whenever you have any questions, and encourage your child to do the same.

In addition, we provide consultation with parents and teachers, administer and interpret testing, and work towards smooth transitions from school to school and grade to grade. As part of our responsive service, we discuss issues such as substance abuse, violence, and the grieving process.

Guidance Classes

Dodd offers a Comprehensive School Counseling curriculum which focuses on the development of 21st century skills based on group discussions, team work, role playing, critical thinking, self-direction, and self-reflections. Each child participates in a series of eleven classroom lessons designed to deliver curriculum that is developmentally appropriate.

In grade seven, the curriculum focuses on developing self-awareness and interpersonal skills through such topics as: respect for self and others; understanding and accepting differences in others; peer pressure; bullying; effective decision-making techniques; problem -solving strategies; and conflict resolution. It is our goal for students to learn proactive techniques during these lessons which they can then transfer to real life situations.

Eighth grade curriculum focuses on the 21st century school-to-career initiative and utilizes technology to discover areas of interest in the world of work. As eighth graders, students participate in an Interest Inventory and then research various career clusters based on individual interests. This investigation culminates in goal setting, exploring colleges and technical schools; planning, and selecting appropriate courses for secondary school years. Some topics addrressed throughout the curriculum include: diversity in the workplace; gender bias; and technological advancements in the world of work.

Small Group Offerings

Dodd Middle School counselors offer small group sessions to allow students the opportunity to share common experiences and develop solutions together. The groups are not intended to be therapeutic and are geared to middle level students. Confidentiality is maintained. Some of these groups are:

    • Developing Social Skills Group – To improve the ability to make and keep friends and learn assertiveness skills.
    • Grief and Loss Group – For any student who has experienced the loss of a loved one within or outside the family.
    • Healthy Teen Relationships Group – For any student who wishes to learn what constitutes a good relationship with parents and friends
    • Divorce Group – For students who need to realize that they are not alone and wish to share their feelings about their parents’ divorce with peers. In addition, students learn new coping skills.
    • Organizational/Study Skills – For students who need help with organization and time management skills

Please contact the guidance department if additional information is desired regarding groups.