Stephen August Early Intervention Center (EIC)

Developing the Whole Child

The Stephen August Early Intervention Center (EIC) is an inclusionary program that offers a half day preschool experience to children with identified learning needs as well as their typically developing peers. The developmentally appropriate curriculum, aligned with the Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards, promotes the development of the whole child through hands-on, experiential learning.

All children develop at their own pace. Young children with disabilities, however, often face special developmental challenges which may require the specialized services of early childhood and special education professionals.

Our program, for children three to five years old, is committed to the belief that preschoolers can grow, learn and develop compensatory skills to reach their full potential.

A continuum of services is available depending on a child’s needs including a highly structured self-contained classroom, half-day preschool classes with typical peers, and a weekly speech/language group. Related services of Speech/Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy are provided within the classroom setting. Private preschool and home visits are also a part of the continuum of services that we offer at Darcey.

Parents are actively involved in every facet of their child’s program and can attend parent meetings upon request. Both parents and teachers share observations, set objectives and develop effective strategies for daily school and home activities.