Foods & Nutrition

Madeleine' s Bio
Madeleine C. Diker Director of Food and Nutrition Services

2004-2005 President, SNACT
School Nutrition Association of Connecticut
ph: 203-250-2459, fax: 203-250-2469

Madeleine Diker grew up in Peekskill, New York. Madeleine has always been interested in cooking at home and trying new recipes; in particular baking. One of her family's favorites was the Greek pastry baklava. She would make each individual dough sheet until paper thin with a broom stick handle.
The Director of Food Services origninally attended the State University of Cobleskill in New York State to become a Chef. Ms. Diker graduated with an A.A.S. Associate in Applied Science in Food Service Administration. Madeleine realized the potential to be creative in hospital and nursing home kitchens for those who cannot eat in a restaurant. Madeleine continued her education at Syracuse University (Go Orange!)with a Bachelor of Science degree in General Dietetics. Her first position out of college was with the New York City School Food Service. Child Nutrition Programs in schools has been her passion ever since.
Cheshire Food and Nutrition Employees are the Best Trained!!
Cheshire Food and Nutrition employees are well trained individuals who participate in the School Nutrition Association (SNA) certification program. They regularly receive training and attend conferences to update their knowledge of all areas of child nutrition and food services.

In addition, all staff are encouraged to attend Safe Serv Sanitation class and they do! There are a minimum of 2 Qualified Food Operators at each kitchen, those who have taken the class and passed a rigorous national exam on food safety and sanitation.
Your child's food safety is our utmost priority!
A Happy Crew! Employment Opportunities
The Cheshire Food and Nutrition Services Department has a low turnover in employees in the field of food service. If you are interested in finding out more about Cheshire School Lunch Program please visit us at 29 Main Street Cheshire, CT to pick up an employment application.