Physical Education

At Doolittle our goal is to give each student the chance to learn new activities to maintain, increase or start a proper lifestyle for life. Students will learn new skills and work on existing skills. Students will begin to learn the important roles of teamwork, sportsmanship and cultural diversity. Students of all levels will learn the importance of personal fitness both physically and mentally through a variety of team and lifetime sports. They will increase fitness levels and learn easy fun ways to keep fit for life.

Grade One and Two
Students will learn different body parts, how they work and how they need to be taken care of through stretching, muscle building and aerobic activities. They will learn to work with others of different abilities and different backgrounds. This is the beginning for many in the area of fitness and structured activity while for others it is the start of new skills in a variety of new fitness activities.

Grade Three and Four
Sportsmanship becomes a much bigger role with the children as they mature and are involved in different activities outside of school. We start to involve them in more team sports while keeping most of it in a non-competitive setting. Again, lifetime sports are stressed a great deal to help the children understand the importance of their health and how they must always make it a priority.

Grade Five and Six
Team building becomes a goal at this age. We help them to understand the benefit of personal fitness and how they can maintain it in their daily lives. They learn that activity every day is important to their health both physically and mentally. They learn to work in group settings understanding that everyone does not have the same interests and/or needs. This is the time to get the students involved in new and exciting things so that they will stay interested in physical activities and gain the appropriate skills to become proficient in the activity.