On Monday, November 13, 2017, twenty-one of Cheshire' Public Schools students were awarded the CAPSS Superintendent's Award.  Each year throughout the state, local school districts, in cooperation with the Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents (CAPSS) honor a very select group of students for outstanding achievement, some special creativity, generous service to the community or perhaps overcoming a serious barrier to success in life.  The following students were recognized:

 Chapman School            
 Dodd Middle School 
     Elizabeth Cohen        Grace Downing
     Braden Downey
       Rowan Scassellati
 Doolittle School        Zoe Schwab
     Katherine Bizzarro
       Utsav Subramani
     Ava Wilson
   Cheshire High School
 Highland        Gina Allegrini
     Madelyn Abildgaard
       Elizabeth CAhill
     Mairead Hall
       Elena Cohen
     Michael Fusco
       Sarah Hubelbank
     Angelina Guarino
       Ian McNamee
Norton School        Hannah Na
     Danielle Chamberlain
       Margaret Shugrue
     Ella Paul




Donna Notti

Darcey School

It gives me great pleasure to introduce Cheshire's 2018 Teacher of the Year, Donna Notti.  Donna is a special education teacher and the coordinator for the Birth-to-Three program at Darcey School and has worked in the Cheshire Public Schools for over 29 years.  Since 2016, Donna has also served as a Master Coach - Activity Based Teaming Approach for the State of Connecticut Birth-to-Three System.

A colleague wrote this about Donna, "....I have never met anyone who was so proficient and effective at communicating with others.  She is a master at building relationships using knowledge, insight, and simply listening that has endeared her to her staff and to Birth-to-Three children and families."

Donna holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Special Education and a Master of Science degree in Early Childhood Special Education from Southern Connecticut State University.  She is an exceptional leader who exemplifies all of the characteristics needed to be a successful leader. Donna Notti is an extremely gifted educator who goes above and beyond each and every day to ensure that her students and families thrive.  Congratulations Donna!