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Madeleine at doolittle spinning escarolecabbage dice

What's new in School Lunch? Madeleine Diker  Food and Nutrition Services Director

Masciana 4 time Winner of Escarole and Bean Contest with votes of 162-139over Grillo.  Contest held at Norton:

Recipes: Masciana Escarole and Red Pinto Beans with Carrots and Onions

             Grillo Escarole and White Bean with Pepperoni and Cabbage 


Locally grown food on menu at Cheshire High

 "Local menu features local cuisine"


Students agreed, though some who were interviewed said they didn’t know their meals were coming from local sources despite the school system’s effort to promote the initiative.

They were aware of the taste, however.

“I didn’t even know there was such a week here,” said junior Will Griffin, who had the fresh salad, pasta primavera and chicken.

“It was good. Ninety-nine percent of the time, I buy my lunch.”



USDA Recipes for Healthy Kids Contest:

We are excited to announce that Cheshire Food and Nutrition Services had three Teams develop kid friendly recipes while participating in the USDA Recipes for Healthy Kids Contest. Congratulations to all three teams, however, an especially good job to the Highland School Team, led by Chef Patricia D’Alessio, and Manager Susan Zentek. The Highland School Team had their Rainbow Rice Recipe selected to be published in a cookbook highlighting the top 50 recipes in the nationwide contest. The cookbook may be found at the USDA website at the following link below, click on School Cookbook. Look under Whole Grain Recipes.



Other members on the team were teachers Rebecca Frost and Katie Guerrette, and students Luke E, Randi C, Shane C, Maya G and Jami P. Congratulations to all on the Highland team!

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