The Importance of Milk

The Importance of Drinking Milk
Science Supports the Important Role of Milk, including Flavored Milk, in Children's Nutrition.
Fact Sheet of the Importance of Flavored Milk
Replacing Milk's Nutrients? Better Grab a Bigger Tray. Many kids are still falling short on import nutrients they need - including some key nutritients in Milk.
For Nutrition, Other Beverages Don't Even Come Close. Any loss in nutrients by not drinking milk, cannot be replaced by another beverage.
When it comes to Nutrition, not all drinks are created equal.
Added Sugars and Nutrition in Beverages: Finding the Best Balance for Kids.
Adding Chocolate to Milk Doesn't take away its Nine Essential Nutrients
Health Professional Organizations that support flavored milk in schools.
Link to study in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association: Drinking Flavored or Plain Milk is Positively Associated with Nutrient Intake and Is Not Associated with Adverse Effects of Weight Status in US Children and Adolescents