Health & Wellness Committee

The Cheshire Public Schools Health and Wellness Committee is comprised of educators, health professionals, town and community representatives, parents and students. Through discussion and education, the committee will advise and support improved awareness and understanding regarding the development of a healthy lifestyle to the members of the school community.  

Key Points Guiding the District Health & Wellness Committee

1. The health status of children is linked to their behaviors and can impact their success in school and later life.

2. Health education programs work.

3. School health programs are key in prevention programs addressing physical, behavioral, social and mental aspects of health.

4. School health councils serve as a mechanism for advising schools on various aspects of school health.

2019-2020 District Health & Wellness Committee Membership and Meeting Dates

  Cheshire Public Schools Health and Wellness Policy

Cheshire Public Schools Safe School Climate Plan

In Compliance with P.A. 11-232 "An Act Concerning the Strengthening of School Bullying Laws" The Cheshire Public Schools Board of Education adopted this "Safe School Climate Plan on December 8, 2011.


 survey resultsHealth and Wellness Parent Survey Results

 Cheshire High School Parent Survey Results
 Dodd Middle School Parent Survey Results
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